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World History Detective Book 1


Ancient and Medieval World Civilizations

Grades: 6-7
Subject: History

Paperback, reproducible - 368 perforated pages

Description & Features

World History Detective® can be used as a standards-based, stand-alone textbook, a resource of supplemental activities to enrich another textbook, or as a review course for older students. Students begin by analyzing a lesson. Next, they apply critical thinking skills to answer multiple choice and short essay questions. Finally, students support their answers by identifying evidence learned from the lesson. This book, which includes geographical maps, timelines, and concept maps, develops critical thinking skills in lessons that teach the role technology, power, institutions, ideas, and trade play in shaping history.

Teaching support

Teacher and student introductions, list of historical topics, a lesson on identifying evidence, answers, and grade level standards.

Critical Thinking Skills
Identify evidence • Evaluate evidence • Draw inferences & conclusions

Table of Contents
Teacher Overview
About the Author
1. Scientists and Dating of History
2. Prehistory to Neanderthals
3. Early Modern Humans
4. The Middle Stone Age Through the New Stone Age
Ancient Civilizations
5. The Fertile Crescent and the Sumerians
6. Babylonian Empire
7. Hittites and Phoenicians
8. Religious History of the Hebrews
9. Ancient Hebrews
10. Assyrians and Chaldeans
11. Persian Empire
12. Ancient Egypt
13. Ancient China: Xia, Shang, and Zhou Dynasties
14. Ancient China: Qin and Han Dynasties
15. Ancient India
16. Ancient Indian Culture and Society
17. Ancient Greece: Minoans and Mycenaeans
18. Ancient Greece: Athens
19. Ancient Greece: Sparta
20. Persian Wars
21. Peloponnesian Wars
22. Macedonians and Hellenistic Age
23. Classical Greece: Education, Philosophy, and Performing Arts
24. Classical Greece: Art, Architecture, and Mythology
25. The Beginning of the Roman Republic
26. Roman Republic Government and Law
27. Roman Military
28. Punic (Phoenician) Wars
29. Decline of Roman Republic
30. The Beginning of the Roman Empire
31. Daily Life in the Roman Empire
32. Ancient Roman Art and Literature
33. Roman Emperors
34. Christianity
35. Fall of the Western Roman Empire
36. Ancient Celts
Medieval Civilizations
37. Medieval Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire
38. Geography of Europe
39. Barbarian Europe
40. The Spread of Christianity and Roman Values into Barbarian Europe
41. Founding of Western Europe
42. Founding of England and Ireland
43. Medieval Russia
44. Feudalism
45. The Age of Faith
46. Medieval Art and Education
47. The Crusades
48. Conflict Between Kings and Popes
49. Development of Individual Freedom
50. Muslims and Jews in Medieval Europe
51. The Fall of Medieval (Feudal) Society
52. Geography of Arabia
53. The Beginnings of Islam
54. The Spread of Islam: The Caliphs
55. Medieval Islamic Science, Math, Business, and Literature
56. Medieval Islamic Art and Architecture
57. Decline of the Islamic Empire
58. The Seljuk and Ottoman Turks
59. Geography of Asia
60. China: Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasties
61. China: Mongols and the Ming Dynasty
62. Medieval Japan
63. Medieval India
64. Medieval Korea
65. Medieval Southeast Asia
66. Geography of Africa
67. Medieval West African Empires and Economics
68. Medieval East Africa and Zimbabwe
Early American Civilizations
69. First Americans
70. Geography and Great Civilizations of Mesoamerica and South America
71. The Mayas
72. The Aztecs
73. The Incas
74. Northeast Tribes
75. Southeast and Plains Tribes
76. The Great Basin and Plateau Tribes
77. The Southwest and California Tribes
78. The Northwest Coastal, Subarctic, and Arctic Tribes

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